Good Girls VS Bad Girls: How To Raise Your Daughter To Make Good Choices

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“Sometimes the good girls go bad”

There are many young women around these days who behave in questionable ways to say the least! Lots of girls grow up with a bad attitude; they make bad choices and generally have little direction in their life. They believe in the booty call dating and visit one of these sites mentioned here: to choose the best sites for a one night stand. Their understanding of sex is not clear. In terms of dating, many women grow up to be dishonest and decide to be unfaithful to their partners using sites for one night stands. I believe the media is one of the big reasons why females grow up to be expecting of others these days and too lazy to get things done for themselves. How you raise your daughter is the contributing factor to what she will be like when she grows up. There are ways that you can raise your daughter from a young age into a powerful, positive and happy woman for all the right reasons.

Talk to your daughter but take the time to listen too


“Talk to Your Daughter like a friend and listen to her problems”

From a very young age right up until your daughter is a teenager and beyond, it is important to communicate with her well. Girl’s love to chat and their parent should be the one person that they can talk to anything about. Take time to sit down each evening and listen to what she is going through in her life. If she is young it could be as something as a piece of school work that she is confused about. As she gets older it is likely to be things a little more serious to her like boy troubles. Nudge her towards the right path without actually solving the problem for her. It is important to know when to stop talking and just listen, sometimes our children just need us to vent to. For you to listen, a reassuring hug and for you to tell her that you love her is usually all she needs.

Try and limit exposure to media especially when she is very young

I honestly feel that the media and celebrity culture that is around these days are detrimental for our children and daughters especially because they can be very vulnerable to what is going on around them. They see things such as reality shows and think that the kind of career to aim for is something like becoming an ‘it girl and not doing very much actual work at all. Glamorous women on TV and magazines are often bad impressions for young girls as they want to become like them. When they are old enough that you can’t really filter this style of stuff just talk about it. Tell your daughter about these kinds of women, that they are not like the average person that you would find on the street and they should not aim to be like them.

Encourage a hobby that they are passionate in life


“Encourage them towards the right direction”

To give them something to aim for when they older, encourage hobbies that will get their brains working and teach them life skills. Let her find something that she loves such as acting, drawing or playing a musical instrument. Getting her mind focused on something that is not superficial will help her grow into a powerful woman. Those who have a hobby right from childhood are known to do better in life than those who do not.

Reassure your daughter about her weight and appearance


“Tell her that she looks fine, no matter what”

This media exposure that I spoke about previously will also get them looking at stick thin celebrities and wondering why they don’t look like them. An alarming number of young girls suffer from eating disorders so talk to your daughter to help minimize the risk of this. Encourage them to eat healthy without letting them become obsessed about their weight. Emphasize that the pictures in magazines have been airbrushed to within an inch of their life and that look is not normal. Setting a good impression with your eating habits is important too; your daughter looks up to you as a role model so make sure that you are being a good one. Many young girls hate the rest of them too and demand things like nose jobs and boob jobs from a very young age. This is something that lost girls grow out of thankfully but just reassure them how beautiful they are.

When she is old enough to talk about sex and boys openly

When your daughter gets to an appropriate age, chat freely with her about sex, boys and everything else in that category. If she asks you questions while she is growing up, answer honestly but appropriately because she needs to know that she can talk to you about anything. Talk about the changes of puberty before she goes through it so that it is not a shock for her. Talk to her about sex and the differences between love in movies and what happens in real life. Tell her what a healthy relationship to have is and what is not. Make sure that she knows that sex should only occur when she is in a mature, happy and loving relationship. If she knows that sex doesn’t necessarily mean love it will teach her morals in life which will decrease the fact that she will go on sites for one night stands. When she does get a boyfriend and one that you approve of, tell her all about the different types of birth control and what would be the right choice for her.

Bitching and bullying will not be tolerated

It is very important that she knows right from wrong and that bullying is very wrong. She needs to know that she can come to you if she is being bullied and by educating her on the fatal effects that bullying can cause, it will be much less likely that she will become one. The skills that we learn in early life, we take with us through adulthood. If she is a nasty child she might grow up to be a nasty woman.

Giving her freedom will make it seem like you are on her side

Make sure that she knows that you trust her to make her own decisions in life. This can be something as simple as helping her choose her own clothes (within reason) to letting her hang out with her friends. She will see you as a “cool parent” if you do this and it will make for a much better relationship between you. Yes, as a parent it is important to set boundaries but it’s also important that she kicks out from them boundaries now and again. She is growing up, her hormones are all over the place and things are not going to be perfect 100% of the time. So let her shout and scream, she’s still learning how to get her feelings across. After she kicks off, have a chat with her and tell her how to express herself in an appropriate manner.

If you want to raise a decent woman who has prospects in life and does not use sites for one night stands, these are some techniques that really work. Teaching your girl right from wrong from a young age will benefit her for the rest of her life. Giving the right mixture of discipline, communication and affection is important because you are setting her up to make good choices and go down the right path.

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Why Your Casual Dating Buddy Not Committing To You: Examining Fear Of Commitment

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“He avoids the topic of commitment”

So you decided to try internet dating and joined casual dating sites, you’ve made sure that these are one of the best casual dating sites. Some of them are mentioned here You know now that these are the best sites for casual sex. So, you met up with a person who you are now seeing? You are starting to develop stronger feelings for him and you know that he feels the chemistry too but he is increasingly showing a resistance to commit. Men who are afraid of commitment are very common; the need to settle down is not as much of a desire for them as it is for us. Don’t write him off completely, just because he has commitment issues now doesn’t mean that he won’t come around in the future. There could be a whole host of reasons why he is scared to commit to you, let’s examine these further so that you can have a better insight into his mind.

You are just one woman and he wants his pick of them

The fact that you met him when you joined casual dating sites says it all. He wants to casually date a lot of women and have sex with a lot of women. Some men are just built that way and will never settle down with just one woman. They love the early stages of a relationship, the butterflies, the romance and most of all the rampant sex. When things start to naturally progress to the next level, this type of man can usually be found running for the nearest door. Why would he commit to you when he can get sex off you anyway, in addition to anyone else who’ll have him? Men like this will never settle down or if they do they will never be able to stay faithful to one woman. If this describes your beauty, he will never commit to you 100%, so you’re probably better off without him.

He’s happy with things the way that they are


“He likes to keep the things same between you both”

Your relationship is so great at the moment that he doesn’t want to be committed to you in fear of ruining things. When a man is happy he feels no need to change things because he thinks that they will get messed up. While women naturally want to move things on, men go by the expression “If it’s not broke, why fix it?” This is probably one of the best reasons why he won’t commit as it means that this can be worked on and there is hope for you as a couple. Just carry on the way you are without putting a label on things, the situation might evolve slowly itself without him having to admit that you are now in a long term relationship. The first step is to try and get him to make you both “exclusive”.

He is not over his ex or he likes someone else


“He still pines for his Ex”

Some people join casual dating sites when they have been heartbroken and are on the rebound. If this applies to your man then I’m afraid the future does not look bright. When a man is not over his ex, he is simply replacing her with another woman to get his mind off his ex. There is not much you provide him apart from sex and company when he needs it. Unless he sees that there is no chance with his ex and he falls for you, you can wave goodbye to any chance of commitment and probably the casual relationship too. Another reason is that he does have his eye on another woman but she is not available at the moment or he is sleeping with you to make her jealous. If this is the case, he is a slime-ball who is worth no more of your time.

He’s just not that into you

I hate to say this but perhaps the reason he won’t commit to you is because he doesn’t see you as a long term partner. This is the reason that all women dread but sadly it is the case more often than what we think. He could be with you just for the sex and because you’re there. He may not like your personality and not feel the connection that is needed to settle down. Men are not like it, they will stay with someone for a variety of reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to be with you. Talk to him about this and if you discover this is how he feels then get rid of him – pronto!

He has other priorities

A committed relationship takes a lot of work and a lot of time spent with each other. Maybe he just doesn’t have time for that right now. He might have hobbies that take up a high percentage of his time or maybe he is a workaholic who is concentrating on his career. If this is the reason why he won’t get serious then don’t push him. Give him time and when he’s done working on the other things in his life and he sees that you have waited patiently for him, his decision will hopefully be different.

You are coming on too strong


“You are pushing him away”

When a woman has something on her mind, many of them nag, push and become very moody. These traits are the ones that men hate, continuously asking your man to move to the next step is more likely to push him away. If you are coming across as a bunny boiler with regards to the two of you becoming serious, he is going to wonder what things are actually going to be like when he makes the commitment to you. So just be as relaxed about the situation as possible. If he decides that he is ready to move things forward then it is up to him to decide, you can’t make someone want to be with you and you can’t make someone love you.

He’s had bad experiences in the past

If he has had bad experiences with regards to long term relationships in the past, this could be the reason why he is afraid to commit to you. Maybe he had a girlfriend who cheated on him, who turned into a bit of a psycho or who he constantly argued with. When somebody is in a relationship with someone, they subconsciously compare them to their ex to desperately work out whether there are any similarities. When somebody has had a bad experience in the past, they think that this is going to happen again and again. When he sees that you are nothing like his past relationships, hopefully he will come around and make that commitment to you.

If a guy is afraid of commitment, the best thing to do is give him space and hope that he will come around. He will either see how amazing you are, and pledge his undying love or he will leave without looking back. Joining casual dating sites and meeting somebody for fun and casual dating can lead to love but it doesn’t always. You need to be prepared that you might fall for somebody and they might be afraid of commitment. These sites can result in marriage and kids, on the other hand they can also result in heartbreak so try and be prepared.

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3 Tips for Taking that Great Instagram Snaps

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What’s Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo apps that are accessible for free from iTUnes and Google Play. This is a mobile photo app that is applicable for Apple and Android devices. When it was launched in the iTunes App Store, it amazingly hit #1 and it still holds the record of reaching 1 million downloads when it comes to apps.

Instagram is popular because it’s easy to set up and it’s free. It also enables photo sharing via different social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can also manipulate photos using Instagram and it gives photos a cool effect. With Instagram, you can also have friends or followers who can like or make comments about your photos. People don’t follow you because you’re Paris Hilton but they follow you because they love seeing your photos.

Instagram is indeed a popular app and there’s no question that people like seeing pictures posted on Instagram.

Now, if you want thousands of followers on Instagram then you might want to learn about these three great tips on taking great Instagram snaps. With Instagram, you don’t really need to have a photographer’s keen eyes to take great photos, what you need is these 3 great tips. Here’s how:

1. Take Advantage of Lights

Lighting is important for your phone snaps. It will make or break your photos. People hate looking at grainy photos and if you want to improve your Instagram photos, then find the best light for your shot.

When taking pictures, check for the highlights and shadows. Once you’ve pulled the shot, you can then edit the photo to bring more levels of awesomeness. Natural lighting is the best. If you’re indoors, use your mobile phone’s flash because it can provide even and natural looking light. There are also applications that can help with low light photos.

3 Great Instagram Tips from

3 Great Instagram Tips from

2. Follow the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is where you place the subject in at least three equal section. It’s like creating a grid of “thirds” in the Instagram photos. You simply divide the photo into nine squares. This rule works because our eyes are attracted to structured asymmetry thus creating balance. It’s like having a structured pattern that’s easy on the eyes.

To apply this rule on Instagram, you just have to edit your photo by cropping it to square.

3. Your Background is your Canvas

When taking Instagram Photos, always choose an appropriate background. Your subject will look better if the background is able to emphasize it. You can use plain white background for smaller items. Lines, repetitions and space can be used as background too. Focus on the subject to give depth and to let it stand out.

Here are some helpful tips on

Here are some helpful tips on

So go ahead and make a habit of capturing beauty with your Instagram. With our modern times, almost everyone has their phone with them and it’s always a lovely idea to use Instagram to capture art wherever and whenever. Follow these tips and you’ll always have your great Instagram snap!

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3 Amazing Date Ideas In Miami You Have To Tryout

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Dating in Miami means three things: the beach, the relaxing parks and romantic dinner. Going to all or any of these and experiencing it Miami way is the best idea of a date you can spend with your special someone. Here are some watery, sandy and delicious date ideas you can enjoy in Miami.

Date in Miami’s beach

If you love the ocean and your date doesn’t get seasick then dating on a relaxing sailboat fit the bill. There you can enjoy the coastline view and enjoy Miami’s tropical weather to the max. Without a doubt, Miami is a couple’s water date paradise. You can do and find just about anything to do on its waters like fishing or having dinner at their Biscayne Bay evening cruise. And if you want to have more action, you can spend time underneath the water scuba diver and enjoy Miami’s Biscayne Bay reefs.

Save the Date 1 Miami Beach

Save the Date 1 Miami Beach

Now, you are not into diving or eating on a cruise, walking on the beach and admiring the sunset is very romantic too. You can have a picnic along the shores admiring the view. Better yet, you can have some horseback riding or watch romantic movies.

Date in Miami’s Parks

Dating can give you the opportunity to enjoy the parks in Miami. There are more than 80 beautiful parks to explore. With Miami’s tropical weather, you have ample opportunity to try them all out – that is if you have the time to do so.

You can start with Miami’s gardens especially if you are into flowers. There is the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden that boasts of tropical plants so rare you might only see it there. The Botanic Garden also sponsors a lot of art exhibits so you will likely see one of you date there too. And if art exhibits do not entice you, the weekend festivals such as the chocolate festival, might. These are seasonal festival so it will be good to check out what they have in store first.

Of course, if you don’t want something so far off the main circuit, you can check out the South Pointe Park. It is renovated to fit couples on the go. There, you can enjoy panoramic views of Miami while having a cup of Joe. And you can also see Miami’s famous sun set and ship sailing through peacefully in an afternoon sky.

And for a more nature adventure experience, you can try the mountain biking at the Oleta River Park trails. You can rent the bikes there too. Or if you want, you can rent a canoe and enjoy the river. Remember to bring your binoculars and camera with you as you might come across wildlife and just store the moment. Pack some picnic bag too while you are at it. And to prolong the moment, you can try the log cabins there to spend the night.

miami mates dinner date 09

miami mates dinner date 09

Dinner Date in Miami

Date is dinner. Whether you go to the Oleta River Park in Miami for a light mountain bike adventure, you still end up packing some foods or snacks to eat between these. If you are not so much into nature date, you can of course check the best restaurants in Miami. Take a taste of Miami’s Seafood and spices so much influenced by the Caribbean. Of course, there are also the beach treats of tropical flavors of coconut, mango, papaya and a lot more.

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3 Healthy Living Habits for Better Mind and Body

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Healthy living doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some of us have to work at awhile before it becomes a healthy habit, before it becomes something that we enjoy. Those of switching to a healthy lifestyle as a new way of life, are on the lookout for ways to look and feel better. These 3 tips for healthy living may go a long way in helping people get into that healthy lifestyle they are looking for.

1. Eat Well

Eating well means preparing and taking in foods that are good for your body. For those who are used to a diet consisting of high fat snack foods, junk foods, and fast foods, switching to a well balanced diet may be a shock to the body. Yet it may be surprising how filling fruits and vegetables can be. Since they are so low in calories and are fat free, people can eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables without gaining weight from fat. They’ll lose weight because, instead of having to use up all those fat calories from the high-fat food they’ve been eating, they’ll be using their fat stores for energy. Fresh food tastes better than you think. Yes, fat makes food taste good. But flavor can be added back with the addition of herbs and seasonings as well as meats and produce that pack a punch in the flavor department (lean beef and chicken, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, hot chilies for example.) A healthy diet doesn’t mean bland.

Healthy Living: Top 20 Healthy

Healthy Living: Top 20 Healthy

2. Exercise

A healthy lifestyle includes exercise. If you are one of those people who haven’t exercised in years, or decades, don’t worry. There are reality shows that make it look like a person has to jump up off the couch and get into marathon exercise programs in order to drop the weight or get fit fast. That isn’t necessary. In fact, those types of exercise programs tend to scare some people off. It may be better for most people to start off slow. Do 5 minutes of walking at a time, 2 to 3 times a day to start off. Add a simple weight training program 3 to 4 times a week. Slowly build up your exercise routine. The weight will come off slowly, but it’ll still come off, and your body will become physically fit.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

The rule used to be 8 hours of sleep every night. But not everybody strictly needs 8 hours. For many people, 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night is plenty. Eating a better diet and getting exercise will contribute to a better sleep pattern. A few ways to ensure that your sleep is particularly restful is to do the exercise before dinner so that you aren’t too energized by the workout to get to sleep. Another habit to get into is to cut down or cut out the caffeine intake in the evening – no more coffee or caffeine laden sodas. Caffeine is a stimulant, which is not conducive to sleep. Try meditating or praying before going to bed. Read a book. And have a nightly ritual. All of these things prepare the mind for rest.

 getting plenty of rest is

getting plenty of rest is

Get into these three healthy habits to help your mind and body feel well. You’ll not only learn to love the lifestyle, you’ll love your life more.

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Innovative Branding – A Necessary Evil

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Branding; a simple one letter word, which can give jitters to even the most creative person on this planet because of the fact that it binds customer to your product in an emotional, yet vivid manner. At the same time, it is one of the most crucial aspect of effective marketing in a crowded industry with countless similar products. Most important, it decides the fate of your company. So it is very important to present a brand name that will affect the lives of people with versatility. It may seem easy to create a brand, but it is extremely difficult to come with something out of the box for your company or product in real life. The top 3 branding tips for creating your first brand are listed below:

a.) Understand the importance of cultural variations – There is a high possibility that you might be marketing your product at a place where culture changes every 50 kilometers. Therefore, it becomes significant to consider every single person in that kind of society while deciding a brand name for your organisation. You can’t expect high returns by targeting only one community. The brand should complement every religion, caste, colour, and creed. There is a very famous saying in the industry that you should create a brand that can impact lives of every individual in a positive sense. People should feel attached to your company; and remember, your brand should not hurt the emotions of any class of people. Failure to do so can severely impact your brand image in a global perspective.

Cultural differences

Cultural differences

b.) Change the universal meaning linked to a product - Everyone is aware of the incredible branding by a company in the name of fevicol. When a customer goes out to purchase glue, he says, “Give me fevicol”. People have started to believe that glue and fevicol are one and the same thing. It is because of the incredible impression that the brand fevicol has left on the mind of every consumer owing to its creative marketing and advertising. As a result of it, other similar products have to struggle to penetrate deeper into the community. Likewise, Maruti has turned out to be a great brand that every middle class customer considers as a first option before deciding to purchase a car. This explains the fact that branding should associate with the product you aspire to launch in the market.

Intelligent Universal Search

Intelligent Universal Search

c.) Learn from the mistakes of your competitors - You cannot afford to neglect the fact that your newly launched product will not have strong competition in a crowded market with countless products in the same category. At the same time, you should ensure collection of all the necessary data to analyse their struggle or decline when they launched the product for the first time. Consumer trend or behavior to their product at that time will present a clear picture for your futuristic action plan; and ultimately, branding. You should not hesitate to learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Life is the best teacher; and you should thoroughly research why their consumers were not satisfied with what was available in the market at that time. After all the scrutiny, formulate a brand name or logo that will prevent the decline in a manner that resembles your competitors.

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Top 3 Finance Magazines Serious Investors Need to Read Today

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With everything clickable and searchable online right now, one might think that there is no need to read magazines. This is not so with serious investors. With your hard earned cash on the line, you would want to digest every word of advice you can get for your investment. And as much access that you can get online, reading in front of a screen just can’t compare with the prints; hence the importance of finance magazines.

Whether you are a novice or expert investor, you would want to have a copy or two of the following top finance magazines:

  1. The Wall Street Journal (WJS). Every investor who knows what he is up to has a copy of WJS. Started out as a news paper in the late 1800s, WJS has been providing investors important information about stock market trends and investments daily. Its news paper’s credibility has been established with time having won a couple of Pulitzer awards along the way. It is not different with WSJ magazine as well. Of course, with today’s technology, the magazine is also available online; although some investors prefer to read it on paper. The yearly subscription for the magazine both online and on print will cost you around $150.

    Personal Finance Magazine

    Personal Finance Magazine

  2. Baron’s Magazine. Baron’s Magazine is a favorite for both newbie and expert investors. It has three ways of providing investment information: print, online and offline. Its paper has been around since 1921 and is cut from the same roots of WJS as Baron’s is also published by Dow Jones. What made Baron’s Magazine stand out among other investment magazine is its investigative reporting, highlighting stock fraud and some overvalued companies. This gives investors some insights on where not to invest. Baron’s magazine yearly subscription will cost you around $149 for print and online. Online subscription is $99.

  3. Forbes Magazine. A popular investor’s finance magazine that is being read world-wide. This is an American magazine that features investment, finance, marketing topics and industry articles. The magazine is an innovation of Forbes, Inc. What made Forbes Magazine popular and stand out among its contemporaries is that it provides not only information about the stock market and on investment but also on personal finance, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, travels and leadership. Yearly subscription is not heavy on the pocket too as it will just cost you around $30.

Investment News Magazine

Investment News Magazine

There is a lot more investor’s finance magazine that you can read online and on print. Other renowned magazines are the Economist which focuses on a global perspective on investment news and finance. There is also the Smart Money, Fortune Magazine, Financial Times, the Investor’s Business Daily and a lot more. For a serious investor, you will need to get hold of such magazines for a needed finance and investment trends information.

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